Augmented Reality Racing Game

Print Marker Launch AR-Racer

Quick start :

1) print marker

2) connect webcam

3) use keyboard arrows to control the car

4) launch the application




AR-Racer or simply Augmented Reality Racer is a great demo racing game, showing capabilities of future applications and posibilities for a new types of interative media using augmented reality technology and flash for content delivery with no required application installation or setups insuring maximum compatability on most platforms.


How to !

Headover and [print] the marker and then make sure your webcam is connected [launch] the application (requires flash) make sure all corners are visibile to the webcam and the printed marker is not bended in any way.


Use keyboard arrows to control the car, start racing for 2 laps thats it.


Check the following video for a showcase :


Any comments and questions you can leave them below i'll be happy to answer them.